Planning Applications

A key aspect of any property development is acquiring planning permission for any structural work to be carried out. While producing planning drawings is essential, it will prove fruitless if you can’t get authorised permission to commence work. Submitting planning applications is a crucial aspect of any property development. Therefore, Canopy Planning Services Ltd offer first-class planning application services to ensure your project’s beginnings are unhindered.

We take care of all aspects of the planning application for your complete peace of mind. From creating detailed drawings and formalised plans to filling out all the necessary paperwork and liaising with the necessary authorities, we’ll ensure not only that your project starts right but ends right, too.

For help coordinating planning applications in the South London area, Canopy Planning Services Ltd are here to help. However, not only do we offer an excellent planning permission service, we also offer an array of other services including property developments and home extensions. To discuss the requirements of your project further, be sure to contact our professional and friendly team.