Permitted Development

Some property work may not require planning permission, falling under the category of permitted development rights. But knowing whether or not your project is exempt from planning permission requires the proficient knowledge of a trained architectural technologist. That’s where Canopy Planning Services Ltd can be of assistance.

We are experts in our field, having worked industriously for years to place ourselves at the forefront of architectural services in the capital. Therefore, we can work with you to bring your property intentions to life. We’ll discuss planning permission exemptions with you and let you know if your project meets this criteria. Alternatively, if you do require planning permission, we’ll submit all relevant planning applications for your convenience.

For clients based in the South London area, you’ll be hard pressed to find a firm more committed to your complete satisfaction than Canopy Planning Services Ltd. We work diligently on a wide range of services, from permitted development to loft conversions. No matter what your architectural requirements are, we’ll be able to help. Contact us today to find out more.