Party Wall

For a measured survey that is carried out by the foremost architectural firm in the capital, look no further than Canopy Planning Services Ltd. Our skilled and experienced architectural technologist and team of architectural assistants are beyond compare, and they strive to make any and all property development projects as free of stress as possible, including where party walls are involved.

Although the Building Regulations Act affects many areas of property development, some work is not encompassed by the act. For walls that feature on the property boundary between two neighbouring parties, or party walls, the regulations detailed in the Party Wall Act will be applicable. Our specialist team are well versed in what these regulations entail, and are ready to bring their expertise to your project.

Clients based across South London can benefit today from the expert measured surveys we offer here at Canopy Planning Services Ltd. In addition to our party wall services, we also have an array of other services, from home extensions to lease plans, and we can tailor these to whatever your requirements may be. Contact us now to find out more.